ENTRY - The management reserves the right to refuse entry or ask patons to leave the cinema. All patrons must have a valid ticket.

DRESS CODE - Alice Springs Cinema dress code requires all patrons to have clean and tidy dress at all times. Workwear, torn or dirty clothing are not permitted. Footwear must be worn at all times.

RESPECT - Alice Springs Cinema believes that all people should be treated with respect and courtesy. Alice Springs Cinema will not tolerate abuse, threats or disrespectful behaviour towards our staff and anyone who behaves unacceptably will be asked to leave the cinema. 

FOOD AND DRINK - Only food and drink purchased at the cinema may be consumed in the cinema. Patrons are asked to leave any food purchased elsewhere outside or ask candybar staff to hold it for them while they are at the cinema.


For the comfort, safety and enjoyment of all patrons, staff and event participants, the following Conditions of Entry apply to all Alice Springs Cinema attendees.

Conditions may vary for specific events – refer to the ticket information and the event website for more information. These Conditions of Entry are to be read in conjunction with the conditions that apply to all specific events. 

Patrons who do not comply with the Conditions of Entry will not be permitted entry. Patrons who have been admitted but subsequently fail to comply with the Conditions of Entry may be removed from Alice Springs Cinema without refund of any entry fee(s). 

Dress Code 
For general admission and where dress codes have not been specified, patrons are requested to, at minimum, be appropriately clothed for a public venue and:
- footwear must be worn at all times
- patrons must be of clean, neat and tidy appearance. Workwear, torn or damaged clothing may not be worn in the cinema;
- patrons must not wear or display items which bear offensive, racist, radical, fanatical, inflammatory, obscene, derogatory or provocative slogans, signage or logos
- patrons must not wear or display any item for the sole or dominant purpose of ambush marketing; and
- patrons must not wear, display or possess items which bear street gang or motor cycle gang colours, including and not limited to patches, jackets, T-shirts, badges, other clothing or paraphernalia or items bearing a motor cycles gang’s insignia.

Refusal of Entry 
Alice Springs Cinema, its staff, agents and security contractors may refuse entry to any person, and in particular to any person:
- considered to be violent, intoxicated, disorderly or quarrelsome 
- not holding a valid ticket or other form of entry pass;
- carrying items which have the potential to cause injury or nuisance;
- who possesses or appears to be affected by a prohibited drug; or
- who does not comply with these Conditions of Entry (including stipulated dress codes).

Food and drink 
- Patrons must not bring or consume outside food or drink into the Cinema.
- Smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, is not permitted at Alice Springs Cinema.
- Alcohol must not be taken away from Alice Springs Cinema.
- Alcohol must not be consumed in any G rated movie or otherwise designated children’s film.
- Alice Springs Cinema encourages the safe, sensible and responsible consumption of alcohol by patrons.
  Patrons who are impaired or unruly due to intoxication irrevocably consent to being treated by Alice Springs Cinema in a manner appropriate to their degree of impairment or intoxication and must, to the extent permitted by law, indemnify Alice Springs Cinema from any losses, claims or proceedings suffered by Alice Springs Cinema as a result of such impairment or intoxication.

- Patrons must possess a current, valid ticket to gain entry to Alice Springs Cinema.
- Persons found with a lost, stolen, counterfeit, damaged or unreadable ticket will be refused entry or evicted (as the case may be) from the premises.
- Concession patrons are required to produce their concession card to gain entry to the Alice Springs Cinema.
- Alice Springs Cinema may refuse entry to any patron who attempts to enter or re-enter Alice Springs Cinema using a pass-out, but not in possession of their original entry ticket. 

General Conditions: 
- Patrons are admitted into the Alice Springs Cinema at their own risk. 
- Patrons irrevocably consent to Alice Springs Cinema, at any time, inspecting and searching (or either) their bags, clothes or possessions regardless of size.
-Alice Springs Cinema may not be held responsible for confiscated items (including alcohol).
- Unless authorised by Alice Springs Cinema, patrons must not enter any part of Alice Springs Cinema that is restricted from public access.
- Patrons must not interfere with, obstruct or hinder Alice Springs Cinema or any activity conducted on the stage or performance.
- Throwing objects is prohibited and will result in the patron responsible being evicted (penalties will apply).
- Patrons who cause a disturbance, are offensive, discriminatory, display anti-social behaviour, use foul or abusive language, make racial or threatening remarks or gestures, commit indecent exposure or refuse to comply with reasonable requests made by Alice Springs Cinema may be evicted.
- The use of photographic, video or audio equipment for commercial purposes is not permitted within Alice Springs Cinema.
- Cameras including mobile telephones with camera interfacing, must not be used in areas such as the cinemas, change rooms, parenting rooms and toilets.
- Security cameras operate around and within Alice Springs Cinema and patrons may be filmed, photographed, or otherwise recorded.
- Patrons bringing personal items into Alice Springs Cinema do so at their own risk. Alice Springs Cinema may not be held responsible for any damage, loss or theft of a patron’s personal property.
- Patrons must not sell any goods or services or give away political, religious, advertising or promotional materials without the prior written consent of Alice Springs Cinema.
- Patrons may not conduct public surveys or opinion polls or solicit money, donations or subscriptions from members of the public, without the prior written consent of Alice Springs Cinema.
- Littering is prohibited - patrons are requested to use waste receptacles located around and within Alice Springs Cinema.
- Any person found mistreating, tampering, defacing or damaging any part of Alice Springs Cinema or the surrounds will be evicted from Alice Springs Cinema and may face prosecution.
- Any articles placed at the entrance to Alice Springs Cinema must not be left unattended. Alice Springs Cinema accepts no responsibility for personal articles and reserves the right to remove any such articles.
- Alice Springs Cinema reserves the right to close the Alice Springs Cinema regardless of whether or not all ticket holders entitled to admission have gained admission to Alice Springs Cinema, if in the opinion of Alice Springs Cinema, the admission of further persons to Alice Springs Cinema would or might endanger the safety of those persons who seek admission or have already been admitted.
- Prams and strollers are generally permitted within Alice Springs Cinema. However, due to space limitations and for the safety and enjoyment of all patrons, Alice Springs Cinema may from time to time, control the number of prams or strollers permitted within Alice Springs Cinema (restrictions apply for storage locations).
- Alice Springs Cinema does not represent to any patron that he or she will find a space in Alice Springs Cinema considered by him or her to be suitable for viewing the film or event.
- To the extent permitted by law, by entering Alice Springs Cinema, each patron agrees that Alice Springs Cinema and its representatives, servants and agents, shall not be liable to that patron for any loss or damage, (including without limitation, loss or damage caused by the negligence of the Alice Springs Cinema or its servants and agents and incidental and consequential loss or damage), arising in any manner wholly or partly from or in connection with his or her use of Alice Springs Cinema.
- Alice Springs Cinema may replace or vary these Conditions of Entry at any time and without notice.


In this policy (“Privacy Policy”), “we”, “us” and “our” means The Alice Springs Cinema (ABN 26 569 539 643) . Please read this Privacy Policy carefully as it describes the way in which we collect and handle your personal information for the following Alice Springs Cinema services:
- Alice Springs Cinema;
- Alice Springs Cinema giftstore; and 
- such other services we may nominate as covered by this Privacy Policy from time to time. 

We may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time by updating this page. The revised Privacy Policy will take effect when it is posted on our website. 

We refer throughout this Privacy Policy to ‘personal information’ which means information which identifies you as an individual or from which you can reasonably be identified. Your name, email, address, telephone numbers are all examples of ‘personal information’. 

Your personal information is important to us 
We respect the importance of your privacy, and that you have a right to make your own choices about how your personal information is collected and used. We know that when you provide personal information to us you are showing your trust and we take that seriously.

You have no obligation to provide any information requested by us. However, if you choose to withhold your personal information, we may not be able to provide you with the services or products that depend on the collection and use of that information. 

How and what personal information do we collect 
We collect your personal information for the Alice Springs Cinema Services in a number of ways, including:
- directly from you through our website purchases, and telephone conversations and email correspondence; 
- from third parties including our partners, suppliers and public authorities. 

The types of personal information we collect includes: 
- your email address, name, address, date of birth and what movies you prefer;
- We are not collection credit/debit card or financial information. 
- information about your use of our products and services in order to customise our service and make them as interesting as possible for you. 

The purposes for which we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information 
(a) Primary purpose for collecting your personal information
Our purpose in collecting this information is to assist us to provide product and service information tailored to your interests and to provide you with a customised experience across the whole range of Alice Springs Cinema Services. 

(b) Use and disclosure of your personal information 
We will use or disclose your personal information for our primary purpose of providing you product and service information tailored to your interests and to provide you with a customised experience across the whole range of Alice Springs Cinema Services.

We may also use your personal information to send you marketing information and advertisements about products and services which we think are likely to be of interest to you. If you wish to opt out of receiving any further marketing or advertising material from us, please email us at gm@alicespringscinema.com.au

From time to time, Alice Springs Cinema conducts competition on its website. When we run these competitions, we may also give you the choice of being on a mailing list to receive further contact from us. Unless you choose to receive further communications from Alice Springs Cinema, the information we collect from your entry in the competition is not used for any purposes other than for the competition. 

(c) To whom do we disclose your personal information? 
We may also share your personal information with a service partner (such as auditors, lawyers, couriers, computer security companies and hosting services) or a company or person related to us, for example, a related body corporate, a common shareholder or someone with whom we share some common commercial interest. To the extent that these service partners, companies or persons are located in Australia and we give them access to your personal information, they are subject to privacy legislation which prevents them from using the information for any other purposes.

We will not otherwise use, disclose or share your personal information with a third party without your consent, unless: 
- required by the law; 
- we believe on reasonable grounds that disclosure is required to prevent or lessen significant risk to the life or physical, mental or emotional health of the consumer or another person; 
- we take appropriate action in relation to a reasonable suspicion of unlawful activity, or misconduct of a serious nature, that relates to our functions or activities; 
- disclosure is required to assist any entity, body or person to locate a person who has been reported as missing; 
- disclosure is made for the purpose of establishing, exercising or defending a legal or equitable claim; or 
- disclosure is made for the purposes of a confidential alternative dispute resolution process. 

Our use of cookies on our website 
Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to your computer's hard disk for record keeping purposes. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies. Alice Springs Cinema uses cookies to make your use of our website and services as convenient as possible.

We use Google Analytics (including Google Remarketing) which uses both first party and third-party cookies to record standard internet traffic information such as when, and how many times, you have visited our site. We and some third parties (including Google) also use the information from the cookies to optimize ad selection for groups of individuals based on age, gender, interests and past visits to our site. The cookies also allow us and other third parties to evaluate your interactions with ad services on our site. We have enabled Google Analytics for Display Advertising which allows Google and other third parties to advertise to you on our site, you can opt out of this feature through Google Ads Settings. 

Importantly, we do not combine the anonymous information collected through Google Analytics with personally identifiable information. 

If you do not wish to receive any cookies you may set your browser to refuse cookies. However, this will mean you will not be able to take full advantage of Alice Springs Cinema Services. For example, we will not be able to personalise your website each time you visit. 

In certain circumstances, such as where there is a criminal inquiry, we may refuse your request to access, or correct, your personal information. If that is the case, we will provide you with reasons for that decision unless it is unreasonable to do so.

We take reasonable steps to make sure that personal information we collect, use and disclose is accurate, complete, up-to-date and relevant. 

Storage and security of your personal information 
We take all reasonable steps to protect all of the personal information we hold from misuse, interference and loss, and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. For example, access to your personal information is restricted within Alice Springs Cinema to employees who have specific authorisation to access such information.

We continually endeavour to improve our security safeguards. However, no data transmission over the internet is guaranteed to be perfectly secure, so we cannot absolutely promise that the information you provide to us using the internet will always be totally secure. 

Links to other websites 
We provides links to websites that are owned and/or operated by third parties. The linked websites are not under our control, and we are not responsible for the conduct of companies linked to our website. Before disclosing your personal information on any other website, we advise you to examine the terms and conditions of those websites.

Anonymous transactions 
We will not make it mandatory for visitors to our websites to provide Personal Information unless such information is needed to provide you with a service such as Alice Springs Cinema Rewards.

We provide you with the option of transacting with us on anonymous basis or through a pseudonym where it is lawful and practicable to do so.  

What to do if you wish to make a complaint or have a query 
If you wish to make a complaint about the way in which we handle your personal information, or would like to access or correct your personal information, please write to Customer Service, The Alice Springs Cinema, P.O. Box 4992 Alice Springs N.T. 0870 or email us admin@alicespringscinema.com.au

We endeavour to respond to complaints within 14 days of their receipt. If you are dissatisfied with our response, you may refer the matter to the Australian Information (Privacy) Commissioner (see www.oaic.gov.au).


This website (this site) is operated by Alice Springs Cinema ABN 26 569 539 643.
This site is made available solely for access from places in Australia and to users ordinarily resident in Australia. 
The following Terms govern your use of this site and any order or purchase of a product or ticket (Product) from this site. 

Who may use this site 
Children under the age of 16 may not purchase any Product on this site. If you are under the age of 16 and would like to purchase a Product on this site, please ask your parent or guardian for permission to assist you in this.

Access and Use 
You must not use this site, or any in any manner or for any purpose which is unlawful or contrary to and of these Terms.

Alice Springs Cinema reserves the right to reject in its absolute discretion any order you place to purchase a Product, or to deny access to this site, for any conduct that Alice Springs Cinema, in its sole discretion, believes may breach the law or any of these Terms. 

Content on this site, such as graphics, logos and film clips, information, text, material, software or advertisements, (Content) is protected by Australian and international copyright and trademark law. 

Content on the site must not be modified, copied, reproduced, republished, framed, uploaded to anyone else, posted, transmitted or distributed in any way except as expressly provided for on the site, or as expressly authorised in writing by Alice Springs Cinema or its affiliates. Strictly on the condition that you keep the content intact and in the same form as presented on the network, you may download and view the content for your personal and non-commercial use. 

Your Personal Information and Privacy 
You should read the attached Privacy Policy, which includes important statements about how we may retain and use personal information about you gathered in the course of your use of this site or purchase of any Product from this site. By using this site or purchasing any Product from this site, you consent to Alice Springs Cinema retaining and using your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Tickets are also made available subject to the classification of the relevant film given by the Office of Film and Literature Classification. By purchasing a ticket, you represent that you are of an age permitted to purchase a ticket pursuant to the relevant classification for the film. Unless otherwise stated all transactions are denoted in Australian dollars including GST.

Delivery of Goods 
Gift vouchers and movie money will be posted and arrive within Australia within 10 working days. 

Returns Policy 
Vouchers / Gift Cards
Prepaid movie vouchers and gift cards cannot be replaced or refunded if lost, stolen or damaged.
Prepaid movie vouchers and gift cards cannot be refunded and change will not be given irrespective of cinema pricing. 
Prepaid movie vouchers and gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash. 

Other Merchandise 
If a receipt is presented, Alice Springs Cinema reserves the right to assess the condition and age of returned goods prior to offering a repair, exchange or refund. This may result in a repair, exchange or refund being refused. If a refund is provided it will be issued using your original payment method, unless payment was made with cash, in which case a gift card will be issued with the relevant amount.

If a receipt is not presented, Alice Springs Cinema reserves the right not to offer an exchange or refund. 

Alice Springs Cinema is not obliged to offer a refund if you change your mind. 

If a receipt is presented, Alice Springs Cinema may exchange products of equal value (only if stock is available at that location) if: 
- the goods are the wrong size or colour; 
- sew in labels are still attached; 
- the product is in its original packaging, including instructions manuals and all accessories, where applicable; 
- the item is unworn, unused and as sold. 

Links and Advertisements 
This site includes links to other websites (Linked Websites). Unless otherwise stated at those websites, those websites are not controlled by Alice Springs Cinema. By using those links, you acknowledge and agree:

Alice Springs Cinema is not responsible for the availability of, or in relation to, content located on or through a Linked Website; inclusion of a Linked Website on this site does not imply any endorsement of the Linked Website by Alice Springs Cinema or its affiliates or their respective directors and employees; and you link to any Linked Website at your own risk. To the extent that this site contains or links an advertisement by anyone other than Alice Springs Cinema, including referral buttons and embedded hyperlinks, (Third Party Advertisement) any such advertisement is paid for by the relevant advertiser and does not represent a recommendation or endorsement by Alice Springs Cinema or its affiliates or their respective directors or employees. Where a Third Party Advertisement contains offers of products by an advertiser, you may be permitted to accept that offer by linking to a Linked Website and executing the relevant transaction. Such product offers are not made by Alice Springs Cinema, and the third party supplier is solely responsible to you for the delivery to you of any product or service you purchase at a Linked Website. 

Important Limitations of Alice Springs Cinema’s Liability 
The Trade Practices Act and similar State and Territory Legislation in Australia may confer certain non-excludable rights and remedies on you in relation to access to or use of this site and provision of a Product (Consumer Rights).

Alice Springs Cinema does not exclude any Consumer Rights, but does exclude all other conditions and warranties implied by custom, law or statute. Subject to any Consumer Rights you may have, all Content is provided as is and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. Without limiting any other Term or Consumer Right, Alice Springs Cinema and its suppliers do not warrant that this site or any Content, or any contribution by a Member in the Forum, is fit for a particular purpose or of merchantable quality; that any Content or your access to this site will be uninterrupted or error-free; that any defects in this site or Content will be corrected; that this site or the server which stores and transmits Content to you are free of viruses or any other harmful components; or the results of your access to, this site (including any related or Linked Website) or any Content in terms of correctness, accuracy, timeliness, completeness, reliability or otherwise. 

Without limiting any other Term or Consumer Right, Alice Springs Cinema and its affiliates or directors or officers exclude liability for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, or loss of business or profits, which results from any use or access of, or any inability to use or access, this site or any Content.